Molto Abene

July 15, 2014

Working with and knowing The Grand Maestro
Michael Abene through the years has been one of
the most rewarding musical collaborations of my life
… We have a brotherly personal relationship which
I treasure as well, and is a gift … As a conductor,
arranger and pianist Michael is full of ideas and
executes them freely and spontaneously with
Love & Passion … It has truly been a joy to work
with Michael, Gretchen and the WDR Big Band and
Orchestra through the years… I'm very proud of the
work we've done together, especially my Grammy
Nominated Blue Note release „Symphonica"…
Maestro Abene in performance live at Koln's
Philharmonic Hall conducted the WDR Symphony
Orchestra and Big Band of his orchestrations of my
tunes with power and grace!!! I feel quite humbled
and honored to be a part of his brilliant career and
look forward to future dinners and performances …

For a link to his latest project click here