Reflections on My personal Relationship With the Great Impresario Bruce Lundvall

May 21, 2015
From the moment Bruce Lundvall approached me, gave me his card and asked me to call, we became fast friends and entered into a deep relationship of mutual respect, trust and love. That was around 1989 when I was playing at Sweet Basil in NYC with The Peter Erskine Band. I was also just joining The John Scofield Quartet as John was about to sign with Blue Note Records. At our first meeting Bruce informed me that he had been hip to me since my early day's with Woody Herman. 1976 was Woody's 40th anniversary year as a leader which was the year I joined the Thundering Herd. We played and recorded live at Carniege Hall for RCA. Bruce was there and was part of the production. I had three featured moments in our set which also featured Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Al Cohn, Jimmy Guifre, Flip Phillips and other's. That was the first time Bruce was in my audience but we didn't meet. He said he was sleeping on me until that night at Sweet Basil where I really captured him. Soon after that first meeting I signed my first multi-record deal with Blue Note Records.

Over these last 25 years or so we’ve had countless meetings, lunches amd dinners discussing the history of the music, the current scene and my ideas for future recordings and collaborations. During this period Bruce enabled me to create an amazing catalog of over 25 recordings for Blue Note Records, for which I am humbled, grateful and proud. Mr. Lundvall was a visionary and a great communicator. His career was built on love, courage, instinct and trust. This made him one the most revered record executives of all time. Bruce was my main confidant and guiding light through the years and will always be. His ever shinning light will burn bright for all of us who were blessed to be a part of his joyous world of music. He loved and believed in the power of Music, especially Jazz, and will live on in the history along side the Jazz Masters he knew, revered and embraced. He is a Jazz Master in his own right.

Viva La Lundvall !!!!